The Best Ways to Kill Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are among the most frustrating pests. They are known to carry deadly diseases, such as the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and malaria, to name a few. Most of the time, though, they just provide an irritating bite. To the unlucky people for whom mosquitoes have developed a taste, this is more than enough. At best, they are an endlessly irritating pest. At worst, they can be lethal. Killing the mosquito population in your home is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, but follow these tips, and you will be sure to see their numbers dwindle.

The first thing to understand when eliminating mosquitoes is that there is no single method that is 100% effective. Different tactics target mosquitoes at different stages of their lives, but no one tactic kills them at every age.

Tactics to Kill Adult Mosquitoes

Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to kill a mosquito. These methods vary from biological weapons to chemical weapons.


The first impressive biological weapon nature has prepared is the bat. Bats are the most feared predator of mosquitoes. The presence of bats is often enough to drive away a mosquito population, and it is easy to see why. Bats can consume up to 1,000 mosquitoes in a single hour.

If you are in dire need of these ruthless predators, consider a bat house. If you are handy, build your own. The plans to build a house can be found online from Bat Conservation International (BCI) and the National Wildlife Federation. If you do not consider yourself a craftsperson, they can be bought online. Try to find ones that are approved by the BCI.


A much more traditional mosquito-killing tactic is the use of fans. Mosquitoes are incredibly frail creatures. The breeze a fan generates is much too strong for a mosquito to escape. Use this to your advantage. Secure a large piece of fabric to the back of a large box fan. Make sure the fabric has no holes through which a mosquito can escape. Turn on the fan and watch as mosquitoes are sucked into your makeshift screen, unable to escape. This method kills the mosquito through starvation.

Tactics to Kill Mosquito Larvae

The idea that mosquitoes are parasites is a common misconception. Mosquitoes only draw blood for nutrients to lay healthy eggs. Just as the adults need specific tools to kill them, so do the larvae.


Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water so use that to your advantage. If you have a small pond, be sure to stock it with ornamental fish. Koi and minnows are especially effective at controlling mosquito populations, as they eat the larvae as they are laid. Additionally, lizards and geckos provide this same functionality.

The Ovitrap

The ovitrap can work in a variety of ways. It is a raised container filled with water. They have small openings through which a mosquito can pass, but larger creatures cannot. The user can fill the water with whatever mosquito larvae-killing agent they please. You may choose to stock some fish or use a chemical agent. For the latter, simply dilute the water with the pesticide or larvicide of your choice. Mosquitoes will be attracted to and lay their eggs in the water. However, your trap will see that their eggs never hatch. The only downside of an ovitrap is that it must be placed every 25 feet. This is not much of a downside, however, as they are usually quite affordable.


Pesticides are incredibly effective at killing mosquitoes. Although useful, they are also incredibly destructive. With enough exposure, mosquitoes can become immune to certain pesticides. They are usually poisonous to other insects and wildlife. Additionally, they can seep into the soil, where they cause long-lasting damage to the ecosystem. Use pesticides only if there are no other options available to you.

Although incredibly frail, mosquitoes are an exceptionally durable enemy as a group. It takes a combination of coordinated efforts to effectively rid an area of them. The best weapons are the ones nature has already provided.

Before you wage war on these hateful insects, do some research. You may have to use a combination of several different methods to see some results. The peace of mind, however, is well worth it. You will not only be free of irritating bites. You also won’t have to fear the deadly illnesses mosquitoes are infamous for carrying. Follow these tips, and with a little hard work, these blood-sucking creatures will be a thing of the past.

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